Members of Dragon’s Own

These are the current members of the Dragon’s Own. Not all of our members are Knight: we have a great mix of ladies, squires, free fighters, and even a few mercenaries.

Andrew CernyAndrew
Andrea MatthewsRawnee of Gangani
cole_crestCole NystromSir Elric Mortsyn
dean_crestDean GoffinetSir Bertrand du Gueslin
Devon KempfSir McDuff
Lydia LeesCatrine of Wales
Eric BerubeEric of Normandy
Rowan SilverhorseSquire Rowan
rowan_crestRowan GarleffRowan
Jason CarmodyEdward Fodder
Mike SetoTakayashi of the Far East
Reese FlandersSir Elvar
Nancy CernyLady Nancy
Keith RaymondLord Drakon
Jennifer RaymondLady Jenn
Deborah RaymondLady Debbie
Joanna FullerLady Magpie
JackieLady Jackie
Lacey Ball
Gillian Ball
Bonnie Bonnie the Breaker